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The ArisGarde Advantage: Second Quarter Update



April 2022

Welcome to the 2Q edition of ArisGarde Advantage, the quarterly insights and updates publication of ArisGarde.  


ArisGarde prides itself on delivering valuable and timely content to the clients and communities served, as they are on their journey to

Win the Game of Life. 

With the first three months of 2022 in the books and tax season in the rearview mirror, there is plenty to reflect upon as we look ahead. As we continue to face a trinity of turmoil: Inflation, rising interest rates, and supply chain issues, markets have been rocky, to say the least. 



With this in mind, it leaves investors and business owners asking similar questions: "What’s next?" Or,

"Where do we go from here?"



 As the saying goes, We cannot Predict, We can only Prepare. 



See more on our 1st Quarter Market review here:




















On March 28th the U.S. Treasury Department released its 2023 “Green Book,” known as the General Explanations of the Administration’s Fiscal Year 2022 Revenue Proposal. 


Contained within it are various proposed tax increases related to:  

-Corporate and Business taxation 

-Individual Income taxation 

-Estate and Gift taxation 

-What the Green Book refers to as closing “loopholes” 


To better understand the proposals and how they could impact you, follow to the summary below:





Questions, Comments, or Wondering where you should get started on the journey to Win the Game of Life?

Connect with us further, we would love to hear from you:



-Joshua P. Friedlander 

Founder & Managing Partner 

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