Plan by Design, Not Default

The Definition

ArisGarde believes the very best ideas and planning should be utilized to meet the unique needs of our clients by looking ahead and thinking proactively rather than reactively.

“Avant-Garde” is often associated with a progressive and cutting-edge form of the arts, and while true, has its roots in a military context for special forces that provided reconnaissance of terrains ahead of a main army. Aris is the greek root for “best”- by bringing these together, it represents the definition of what the organization strives for while serving clients to help them Win the Game of Life.

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The Advantage

ArisGarde focuses on the challenges faced by many of its clients. These are generally centered around time, coordination, and continuity.

We seek to remove these barriers, and create solutions-driven plans specific to client goals. 

ArisGarde is a proud industry professional and believes that collaboration is key to the success of any plan.

Owner of Lion Street

Lion Street Firms are a distinct collective of independently successful business leaders who have come together to leverage intellectual capital and resources for the benefit of our clients.​

Lion Street’s comprehensive platform is superbly adapted to support their Firms across multiple areas of discipline, providing them valuable resources to structure a complete financial strategy.