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Physicians & Dentists

Medical and dental professionals require a thought leader in their corner who can help them balance their high salary, repayment of debt, create equity in a practice and give them a reliable plan.

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After a minimum of 8-12 years in training to finally wear the white coat, many find themselves facing a mountain of debt from earning their credentials. They believe that this late start in life has hurt their plans for a successful and meaningful future.
Furthermore, they are extremely busy, and their training lacked education about finance and business in general. No one has ever taken the time to educate them, block out the noise and misinformation, and figure out how to make up for lost time.
Our experience with countless medical professionals means that are able to recognize their unique planning opportunities to help them reach their goals. We take the time to time to educate them and block out the noise and misinformation. Our team develops a plan to make up for lost time in ways that are focused, effective, and based in experience.
Typically, the language of money and finances is a foreign one to most, and a lack of exposure and understanding of how to make well informed decisions proves detrimental. Even worse, they feel the inability to coordinate these disciplines prevents them from maximizing their chances of financial independence, protecting what they have accomplished.
ArisGarde coordinates with the best and brightest in the industry to help you achieve your goals. Our firm seeks to take the guesswork out of how legal, financial, and accounting systems work together for your benefit. 
The next generation of leaders and practitioners in the medical and dental communities recognize that the “conventional” wisdom from “the good old days” around financial decision making and wealth creation has become stale and dated. Considering wages have remained relatively stagnant, compression and consolidation in the marketplace by large groups and hospitals absorbing practices, and a debt crisis out of the starting gate, it is clear there is a need for fresh perspective and congruent beliefs with their advisor. The next generation of doctors feel that their chances of a fulfilling and rewarding future are in jeopardy.  Intellectually, they recognize the need for a creating mind and cutting-edge planning are needed to help guide them as they progress through their careers and build their practices. 
The advice industry, including accounting, law, insurance, and wealth management, face a systemic problem around continuity. Most of the advisors working with clients are the same age constituency and have not solved the problem of continuity in the advice and institutional
knowledge they would like to be perpetuated to the next generation of their family or for their business.
Clients need to feel confident and secure in the fact that the advisor they select will not only be around for them, but also for the next generation. With those aspects under consideration, clients feel this distraction can cause devastating results and impact their chances of winning the game of life if left unaddressed.


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